Past Funded Projects

MI-3 Plus: Radiation-hard Wafer-scale CMOS Imagers for Healthcare

 MI-3 Plus develop the world’s largest monolithic radiation-hardened CMOS imager, so meeting one of EPSRC’s Grand Challenges. DynAMITe is effectively four independent cameras in one array with two different spatial resolutions, and it was awarded the IET Innovation Prize for Electronics (2012).



Mi-3 1 Dates: 2009-2013
Value: 1.2m
PI: Prof Nigel Allinson (

Ultimate Microscopy: Wavelength-Limited Resolution Without High Quality Lenses

Ult MicroThe new method of imaging, called electron ptychography dispense with the lens and instead forms the image by reconstructing the scattered electron-waves after they have passed through the sample using computers. The process has no fundamental experimental boundaries and it is thought it will transform sub-atomic scale transmission imaging.


Mi-3 1Dates: 2007-2012
Value: 4.3m
CoL: Prof Nigel Allinson (