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PRaVDA in South Africa

Parts of PRaVDA – research platform for Proton Therapy Instrumentation, especially Proton CT – has been installed at the iThemba LABS, South Africa.

Four proton trackers, two in front of a phantom (in time, a patient!) and two after, record the paths of individual protons. The “fish tank” on the right is to calibrate the energies of the protons in the beam (typically 125 – 250 MeV).


Proton CT

Single slice reconstruction of a proton CT image for a phantom head – reconstructed using our patented algorithms. The sequence shows various stages in the reconstruction


MIUA 2015 comes to Lincoln on 15 – 17 July

The conference, which takes place from the 15-17 July, provides an opportunity to present and discuss research in medical image understanding and analysis and its real-world applications.

This year’s keynote lectures are delivered by four eminent academics: Professor Brian F. Hutton from University College London; Professor Tim Cootes from the University of Manchester; Professor Alejandro Frangi from the University of Sheffield; and Associate Professor Alfredo Ruggeri from the University of Padua, Italy.

In addition, there will be two pre-conference tutorials by Professor Philip Evans from the University of Surrey and Dr Charalampos Tsoumpas, from the University of Leeds.

The MIUA 2015 conference is being organised by Dr Tryphon Lambrou and Dr Xujiong Ye, from the Laboratory of Vision Engineering (LoVE), based in Lincoln’s School of Computer Science.

The University of Lincoln was chosen to host the 19th MIUA because of its varied and growing research in medical imaging.

Selected papers will be invited to submit extended version of the papers to an ISI indexed journal.​