Laboratory of Vision Engineering

LoVE, led by Prof. Nigel Allinson, specialises in the capture, transmission, processing and understanding of image, video and other high-dimensional data. Eight academic staff members are aligned with the Centre. The Centre focuses on several application areas, including healthcare, scientific, security and environmental monitoring; as well as developing novel processing algorithms and designing/supplying new imagers and systems.

LoVE possesses a unique capability within UK universities, namely the design and fabrication of custom CMOS sensors.  It boasts full CAD platforms, both academic and commercial, and advanced characterisation systems for imagers.

LoVE coordinates the large REVAMMAD EU Marie Curie Initial Training Network programme aimed at combatting chronic medical conditions including diabetes and hypertension using retinal imaging.

The vision of LoVE is to become an internationally recognised centre for medical imaging and computer vision research and application in the fields of novel solid-state imagers, embedded vision systems, healthcare – Retinopathy, Medical image analysis, Personal long-term health care monitoring, Proton and other radiotherapies, as well as  environmental reconstruction and assessment /behavioural monitoring.

Grants of significance that the Centre has held in recent years include the OPTIma project (EPSRC grant – £3.2m, PI: Allison), the TSB BRAINS project (£170,000, PI: Hunter), the TSB TOTALCARE project (£120,000, PI: Hunter), MI-3 Plus (EPSRC Translation grant – £989,000) and Pravda (Wellcome Translation Grant – £1.6m, PI: Allison), REVAMMAD (EU – 3.8m Euro, PI: Hunter), MyHealthAvatar (EU- £1.9m, PI: Ye), MyLifeHub (EPSRC- £128K, PI: Ye), the vascular geometry project (Fight for Sight- 15k, PI: Diri)